The Rantings of an Angry Old Bloke

If I ruled the world…

I’m Bo Beolens and I’m an angry old bloke!…

​There is a lot I love about this world… but very little that is made by man. The natural world, no matter how ‘red in tooth and claw’ is balanced and fair compared to the dealing of humanity. We talk about some people acting like animals when we should be saying that, unfortunately they act like men, violently, unfairly, selfishly and with contempt for their fellow humans. (Women may, on average, be less violent, but tend to have all the same sins and just as few virtues as men).

This blog is an outlet for my anger, ire or irritation. Conservatives often lambast the left as operating the ‘politics’ of envy… my view is that the ‘right’ just embody the politics of greed.

I’m hoping that the recent shift of ‘green’ politics to the left with attract more people to vote for it as without green policies there will be nothing to rail at or admire as we are on a steep downward slope to Armageddon!

So, this is my BLOG – a window into my soul or a close up of my bile duct, you decide.

If you agree with me let me know, and, if you have been, thanks for reading this.

Should you wish to become as incensed, depressed or cranky as me, read on…..


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