We have the tech…

We have the tech… 

…so why are subtitles placed on the TV screen in such a way that they obscure either the main picture or any displayed text like the match score? And why do they lag behind and get cut when an item of news ends?

…so why is it harder and harder to open packaging. I’ve checked, its not just because I’m a crumblie, my children and grandchildren have trouble too!

…so why do many new devices such as sound bars and loop systems only connect via an optical input and no TV set has more than one optical outlet?

…why do pubs keep a RADAR key to the ‘disabled’ toilet behind the bar so that you have to ask for it?

Come to think of it why are they so often called ‘disabled’ toilets instead of ‘accessible toilet’?

…so why do remote controls need batteries?

Why not send me a few more!

Spread the bad!
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