‘Pay Day’ May & Boris (not)Godunov

Can someone tell me how taking one billion pounds of our money and using it as a bribe to get another political party to keep May’s political party in power isn’t corruption?

Now let’s see how much she was prepared to shell out to the victims of a fire that would not have claimed lives if her party had supported the bills the Labour party tried to bring in to make fire regulations tighter and install sprinklers in all tower blocks? Oh yeah, it was £5m…. just £995m less than she will pay for 10 MPs votes.

Fire deaths have apparently gone up from 258 in 2014-2015 to 303 in 2015-2016… a 16% increase. How much money has been saved by cutting back on our fire service? Let’s tot that up… 10,000 firemen at an average of £25,000 a year that comes to… £250m… just 25% of the price of 10 votes in the house of commons.

When confronted about this fear when he was Mayor of London what was Boris Johnson’s retort? Go look at YouTube – under ‘Get Stuffed’! “Mayor of London Boris Johnson tells his London Assembly opponent Andrew Dismore to “get stuffed” during an angry exchange over fire service cuts” see for yourself here on the Daily Scare website: hardly a left-wing rag eh?

That’s the same Boris Johnson who promised us all that an extra £350m a week would go into the NHS if we left the EU…. …the same politician who accused Labour of ‘game playing’ over the Grenfell fire. Yes, Bullingdon Boris stands accused of blatant projection as he can hardly get through an interview without a smirk on his face.

In case you have some strange compulsion to promote this buffoon even further above his level of competence this is what ‘Counterpunch’ said back in 2016.

When he was a reporter for the UK’s Times newspaper he fabricated a quotation and was sacked for his dishonesty, (although it is intriguing that he was dismissed by a newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, who had gone ahead with publication of the Hitler Diaries that he knew to be forged on the basis that “after all, we are in the entertainment business.”)  And then Boris showed that he, too, was entertaining.  Mr Murdoch’s Sunday Times revealed in 2004 that “Boris Johnson, the Tory MP and editor of the Spectator magazine, was last night sacked as a frontbench spokesman by [Conservative Party leader] Michael Howard for lying about his private life.”

2017’s very own ‘cash for votes’ scandal rolls on as ‘strong and stable’ government is revealed to be nothing but a ‘coalition of chaos’.

The tory cash converters turn thousands of teaching, police, fire and nursing jobs into banker’s bonuses. If your kids were at ‘public’ schools, your home (built of fireproof material) defended by private security companies and you were safe in the knowledge that you could afford private medicine, why would you give a flying fox hunter for the fate of the man or woman in the street. Those without conscience ignoring those without hope.

Back in the day I used to have a friend of the Tory ‘noblesse oblige’ tradition who described the left as ‘the politics of envy’, I used to retort with what seems totally apt today that the right practice ‘the politics of greed’.


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