Are they putting something in the water?




I really, REALLY don’t get it! What goes on in people’s minds? Confronted with a range of political choices most people seem to shrug and inwardly say… they are all the same.


If you are a claimant… any sort of claimant can you really be so short-sighted as to either not bother to vote or vote for one of the parties that prides itself on attacking the welfare state?

If you are an ordinary working person do you really think going down the pub instead of voting makes sense… can you really not see that your apathy could lead to you being squeezed even further by cheap imported labour and having to pay for what was once free?

My granddaughter, getting the minimum wage really cannot afford to be ill. Or at least she can be ill all she wants but can neither take time off work or afford the charges to pick up a prescription.

Are people so inane that they are really convinced that its all the fault of immigrants?

Do people actually buy into the tory claim that it was a labour government that nearly bankrupted the UK. How can you hold that thought in mind when you know every other country in the world also had a financial crisis. Rich bankers walked away while the rest of us suffered. In the Wall Street crash nearly a century ago bankers threw themselves from skyscraper windows… in the current century they just let the rest of us plummet into the depths of despond.

How can 85% of people consistently put Green Party policies ahead of all the rest and yet only 7% of people say they will vote for them?

Do people really believe that a nuclear deterrent is actually that? Do they honestly think that us having the bomb would stop self martyring nutters from blowing us all to hell or ex KBG weasels from flexing their macho muscle. Do people really think we should spend hundreds of billions of pounds on something we could never use because it would be the death of us all.

I mean come on… a hung parliament… what are you thinking of? This last lot should be so buried in the dustbin of history that their smell would only be a memory. The liberal party has so sold out that it deserves to end up in the same bin.

I am convinced that the government must be putting something in the water to make us all docile dunces who believe their press and will march off to the polls to the tune of the Eton Boating Song!

Eton Mess


(1st April 2015)

For years I have dismissed all claims of bias at the BBC… I’ve always assumed that if it is accused of leftward leanings by the right, and right-wing tendencies by the left it must be ploughing a nice straight furrow. The fact that much of the free world admires, and much of the less free world listens to the BBC World Service is another indicator that Auntie Beeb deserves to be a trusted source.

But now the old girl’s skirts are revealing more of her petticoats.

The fact is that this peculiarly British institution has been rocky for a while now. That sex offenders have stayed hidden under her skirts was distressing enough and then lately we have watched it struggle to do the decent thing when the decent thing could cost them £150M!

But what is now worrying me is the extent to which domestic politics is not a matter of reporting facts, but commenting on what politicians say or claim or appear to support.

The cracks have been appearing for a while but now a chasm has opened wide. Of late, night after night I have seen TV coverage of speeches made by the Prime Minister, Chancellor and others, with a bit of comment. I have then seen reports on what the leader of the opposition or his shadow cabinet have said with, maybe, a tiny snatch of footage. This has invariably been followed by lots of comment, often rubbishing whatever the opposition claims.

Moreover, I’ve seen an awful lot of interviewers and some seem to be childishly enamoured of those with the real power, and unnecessarily rude to those seeking it. The worst cases are where every answer given is cut into halfway through the answer.

Of course I want politicians challenged and we all know they often strive to give an answer to a question that has not been put, while assiduously avoiding answering the one that has. On the other hand when they seem, at least to me, to be answering in fairly short order they are still cut off

I’m getting more than a bit fed up with the arrogance of some interviewers. If a politician doesn’t accept their premise they hector and hector and hector. Should they not be acting as our agents and getting politicians to say it how they see it and answer straight questions.

Having said all the above I should not really be surprised. If all your senior editors and reporters went to the same fee-paying school as many of the current cabinet is it any wonder that they share a view of the world which, crudely, sees everything in monetary terms and is imbued with the same unshakeable belief that those whose parents paid high fees are meant to rule!

Greens, Labour, Scottish and Welsh Nationalists all share one thread, and that is that society should be fairer and governed by notions of the collective good not by championing profit above service. Even many deluded UKIP supporters, despite their symbol, think that ordinary people should be listened to above the interests of the wealthy.

Red Ed said it the other day… the nation is not doing well unless ordinary working (and un-waged) people are doing well.

We are a nation dominated by the class war even although we have been in denial for decades.

There are rules about monopolies, and rules about overseas players in various sports. I’d like to see rules about the backgrounds of politicians AND the political editors, interviewers and reporters employed by national institutions!